Lady GaGa is officially the Queen of Pop. Or at least, when it comes to Twitter followers she is. The Guardian reports today (March 6, 2012) that the 'Born this Way' singer has become the first ever Twitter user to have amassed over 20 million followers. According to the report, Lady Gaga was a "relatively early adopter" of the social networking site, joining in March 2008.
In August 2010, Gaga took over from Britney Spears as the most popular account holder on Twitter and is around 2 million users ahead of the teen heartthrob Justin Bieber. Gaga uses her Twitter account to chat to her fans, whom she calls 'Little Monsters.' She often posts pictures as well as providing information about her upcoming tours and releases, as well as providing sage advice for her followers. On Valentine's Day this year, she told her fans "Happy Valentine's Day everyone. If you have someone special, give them a kiss. If you don't, make a voodoo doll of your ex and cast spells."Shakira="" takes="" fourth="" Rihanna="" in="" million.="" started="" own="" social="" networking="" site="" called="" little="" monsters="" giving="" fans="" a="" chance="" communicate="" each="" other.="">