Lady GaGa missed the chance to collaborate with veteran disco guru Giorgio Moroder after the music producer fell sick with a nasty cold and cancelled their studio session.

The superproducer, who has crafted hits for stars including Donna Summer and David Bowie, has been tapped to help the Poker Face star put together tracks for her next album, but Moroder pulled out after falling ill.

However, he has promised to reschedule the studio time for later this year (15).

He tells, "I'm going to work with Lady Gaga when I'm back (in the U.S.). I was going to meet her in the studio about a week ago, but I had a terrible cold so I couldn't."

Moroder is also working on his first solo album in 30 years and has recruited stars including Britney Spears, Sia and Kylie Minogue to sing for him.

The record is due for release in the spring (15).