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Crocodile tears! Attention-seeking, dumb and moronic! Gaga says 'Born This Way was God-sent! Well besides listening to Madonna's 'Express Yourself' God must have been listening to a track from 1975 by an artist called Valentino cos God's/ Gaga's lyrics are a paraphrase of this song, interestingly called 'I Was Born This Way' !!!! Gaga you've been rumbled and your tears fool no- one with any sense. The saddest thing with rip-off merchants is they are ripping off their fans. Gaga's fans think she is innovative and a creative genius!! They follow like sheep and definitely can't or won't smell the coffee. Gaga dug her own grave in that NME interview and I applaud the interviewer for having the guts to confront her. Methinks she did protest too much!!! One thing she could genuinely copy from Madonna is M's ability to stay aloof from criticism and to let her music do the talking!! You can talk the talk Gaga but can you walk the walk!!!

Posted 4 years 3 months ago by darolo

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Boohoo, baby, all the way to the bank. Your message to the world--something that pure? Surely, you can't be "dumb enough or moronic enough" to believe anyone would take that as anything but the silly, attention-getting crap you normally exploit.

Posted 4 years 3 months ago by CPT

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Lady Gaga