Lady GaGa has defended the raunchy video for her new track TELEPHONE, insisting the film is "groundbreaking".
The nine-and-a-half minute long promo has caused a stir online, attracting more than 12 million views in the three days after it debuted on
It shows the Poker Face hitmaker being taken into a women-only prison and includes scenes of nudity, swearing, a lesbian kiss and simulated murder.
Gaga even refers to rumours she has both male and female sex organs - by pixelating her genitalia in the raunchy footage.
But despite some backlash over the promo - which co-stars Beyonce - Gaga is pleased she touched on subjects of homosexuality and is adamant the video will be remembered for a long time.
She says, "There are transsexual women and transgender women and suddenly it becomes poisonous and something else because there are some people in this world that believe being gay is a choice. It's not a choice, we're born this way. That's why for me this video is groundbreaking because it has one foot in the art community and one foot in the commercial world.
"I told Beyonce this after it aired, you'll see this video is not just great now but six months from now what this video will mean. Hearing people say the video is sadomasochistic or that the video promotes murder for young people, it's my personal belief that the video is getting so much attention not because of those themes because I've done those themes before, haven't I?
"There are no rules or limits when it comes to love. But I see love as separate from sex."