Lady GaGa is to perform with The Rolling Stones at the band’s anniversary gig tonight (Dec 16).

Yes, you heard right – Gaga and Jagger. Ugh, sorry, that wordplay wasn’t a good choice. Nevertheless, the newly crowned queen of pop is to take the stage tonight alongside the rockers and it will definitely be an interesting collaboration to watch. Perhaps the “Born This Way” singer could inject some of her quirky pop style into the Brit rockers’ old-school feel.

Gaga sounded overwhelmed as she tweeted: "I am so honored and excited to announce I will be performing with @rollingstones on Dec15 for their 50th Anniversary Concert One More Shot. He had me at 'hello, it's Mick.'" The rehearsal shot, which Gaga tweeted about yesterday, shows the singer enjoying her time with the band and bares the caption: "Me with the boys. When rock n' roll gets you wet in 6.” Looks like she’s really getting into the spirit.

Some other additions to the lineup include The Black Keys (oh my!) and Bruce Springsteen, who will be performing with the Stones for the second time this month, after sharing the stage at the Sandy benefit concert in Madison Square Garden on the 13th. With so many rock acts in the lineup, Gaga’s signature pop brand looks a bit out of place. Nevertheless, it will surely be a gig to remember. The show airs at 9PM EST tonight and will be (surprise, surprise!) pay-per-view.