Review of This Time Album by Lack Of Afro

Adam Gibbons aka Lack Of Afro, is multi-instrumentalist and producer, who has a variety of work available to him. This is Adam's 3rd album and 'This Time' displays a host of influences, providing shades of soul, rare-groove, jazz, contemporary arrangements, as well as hip hop. It certainly sounds classic in parts and nostalgic in others. However as an album, it ticks a lot of boxes, and it can't be denied the thought behind the endeavour has to be respected.

Lack Of Afro This Time Album

'Lack Of Afro' is a mix of instrumentals and different types of songs, all with a certain class and musical sophistication. There are a variety of guest singers, from Angeline Morrison, Wayne Gidden, Jake Morley and cool emcee delivery from Wax and Herbal T. The instrumentals are quality and the singers show good skills. All in all in it creates a cool album that portrays the history of Northern Soul to modern day sounds, delivered with professionalism and subtlety.

Lack Of Afro display a class that comes with genuine musicianship. The flow and roundness of the album tells a story, but the focus is on the songs and arrangement. This album could appeal to many and I'm sure many will enjoy it. Cool stuff!

Tareck Ghoneim

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