La Toya Jackson wants her family to stop fighting in public.

The Jackson clan have had a difficult week, with grandmother Katherine Jackson being taken to Arizona away from her grandchildren Prince Michael, 15, Paris, 14, and Blanket, 10, and Janet at one point slapping her niece, but they are now being urged to keep their problems private by La Toya.

A source told ''La Toya feels very strongly that the most effective way to solve the family problems are not to attack each other in public, but rather thrash things out quietly and respectfully in private.''

She is neither on the side of Michael's children or with her siblings Janet, Jermaine and Rebbie - who wanted to take the children away from their grandmother's house - but wants to do what is best for the youngsters.

Meanwhile, Dr. Conrad Murray - who is currently serving a jail sentence for the involuntary manslaughter of Michael, who died from a dose of anaesthetic Propofol administered by the physician in 2009 - has asked Katherine, 82, if she would speak to him before she dies.

In a statement through his lawyers released to CNN, he said: ''I've been told that she has a desire to speak with me before she departs this life.''

''Seeing that she is up in age and in questionable health, and the fact that she is the mother of a very dear departed friend, it would give me great pleasure to sit with her one-on-one and answer any questions she might have.''