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La Dolce Vita Star Pleading Poverty To Fellini's Estate Executors

27th December 2011

A representative for ailing veteran actress Anita Ekberg has appealed for financial help from the estate executors in charge of her La Dolce Vita director Federico Fellini's fortune.The Swedish-born star, a former model, is wheelchair-bound...

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Porn Boss Wins In La Dolce Vita Case

5th April 2010

The alleged copyright holder of FEDERICO FELLINI's 1960 classic LA DOLCE VITA has lost a legal challenge against the director/star of a gay film of the same name.Bosses at International Media Films (IMF) took adult...

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King Of The Paparazzi Dead At 80

9th February 2010

The celebrity snapper who reportedly inspired the character Paparazzo in FEDERICO FELLINI's movie masterpiece LA DOLCE VITA has died.Felice Quinto, who was dubbed the 'king of the paparazzi' was 80 when he died in Maryland...

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Police Seize La Dolce Vita Cafe For Mafia Ties

22nd July 2009

The Italian cafe made famous in FEDERICO FELLINI's classic film LA DOLCE VITA has been seized by police investigating mafia ties.Authorities in Rome police have taken control of $284 million (GBP189.3 million) in assets and...

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La Dolce Vita Sets Gay Movie Awards Record

26th February 2007

MICHAEL LUCAS' raunchy LA DOLCE VITA set a new win record at the 2007 GAYVN Awards in San Francisco, California on Saturday (24FEB07), claiming all 14 honours the project was nominated for. The racy adult...

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Experts Select 25 Must-see Movies

18th July 2006

British movie experts have named 25 films including CASABLANCA, BONNIE AND CLYDE and ANNIE HALL that they claim every cinema buff must watch. The varied list, published in UK magazine Radio Times, contains everything from...

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Actress Laura Betti Dies

2nd August 2004

Italian actress LAURA BETTI died on Saturday (31JUL04). She was 70. Betti was a close friend of the late director PIER PAOLO PASOLINI, who cast her in several of his films, notably THE CANTERBURY...

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Beyonce's $1.8 Million Gig

29th June 2004

American superstar BEYONCE KNOWLES is performing a one off gig in England for an amazing $1.8 million (GBP1 million). The DESTINY'S CHILD beauty is headlining the LA DOLCE VITA event on the eve of...

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Nico's Life Told On The Big Screen

27th May 2004

ANDY WARHOL muse and one-time VELVET UNDERGROUND star NICO is to have her amazing life turned into a new movie. Scottish director DAVID MACKENZIE, who created a storm of controversy with his NC-17-rated YOUNG...

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Fellini Honoured 10 Years After Death

29th July 2003

Legendary Italian director FEDERICO FELLINI will have the 10th anniversary of his death marked by a series of concerts and exhibitions. The award-winning JULIET OF THE SPIRITS director died of a heart attack on...

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