L'Wren Scott wants London Fashion Week to get more recognition.

The 46-year-old designer - who showcased her autumn/winter 2013-14 collection in London in February - will produce another collection in the British capital this September and thinks other leading designers should help give the event more international attention.

She told Vogue magazine: ''It's such a shame for London, that it's all squeezed into such a short space of time - it really needs to be given more focus on the calendar.

''Everyone I called to come to London last season came - I just got on the phone and gave them a call and invited them.

''It's really important to bring focus to the London schedule - more British fashion designers should do that.''

L'Wren, who is dating Sir Mick Jagger, is hoping this upcoming season will be as fun as the last, and hinted her show this autumn will be more ''low-key'' and ''intimate''.

She added: ''I loved it last season, I had such a great time. It just felt very different - I mean, every show is different, but this more so.

''I'm researching a few things now, but I like to do something low-key and intimate. I always prefer more personal events - it's very important to really be able to evoke what you love.''