Kylie Minogue won't marry because she wants ''freedom''.

The 44-year-old singer is happy and committed in her relationship with Andres Velencoso - who she has been dating since 2008 - but insists making their union official isn't important as she would feel ''strangled''.

She said: ''Being pigeonholed or labelled this and that is something I've always felt strangled by. So I'm committed in my relationship, absolutely, and that's not to say I will never get married but I need to know I can step outside this room.

''I won't, but I do need to know that mentally I have space and freedom. Others would want to know they had those strong foundations but I'm just a different make-up I guess.''

The 'Spinning Around' hitmaker believes she is a ''nightmare'' to date because of the attention she brings.

She told Style magazine: ''Not being bothered - that's brilliant. That's how I get my kicks.

''Honestly, I think it would be a nightmare going out with me. Just the circus around me. It comes with a lot of difficulties.''

Kylie particularly enjoys visiting Andres' family in Spain because life is so peaceful there.

She said: ''I love it there as I literally have nothing to do and I really get taken care of.

''Andres' father goes and buys fresh food, as it's all about eating and cooking, or Andres and I will take little drives to restaurants.''