Kylie Minogue was certainly popular with her recent stint in the U.K hosting The Voice. But the miniature pop star is to remain true to her intention to return to her homeland, despite some considerable praise. She joined Tom Jones, and Kaiser Chiefs front man Ricky Wilson as a mentor on the show this year, has quickly become a favourite with viewers thanks to her upbeat and friendly personality. 

Kylie MinogueKylie Minogue at The Brits

“I’m thrilled at the response to it. It’s a brilliant show because everyone gets on’ she told The Sun. “Now I’m looking forward to getting back to Australia and being on the Australian Voice.” Because of Kylie’s presence on the show, The Voice has caught up with an admittedly flagging X-Factor.

Another source has revealed to The Sun: ‘The Kylie effect is incredible – she’s turned the show around. This could’ve been the final series, but if “The Kylie Effect” holds, it’s a dead cert to come back.” ‘Thanks to her, it’s finally looking like a serious rival to The X Factor,” the source added.

In other Minogue news, she’s expressed her feelings about her two-year relationship with the INXS frontman. “I miss him,” she told GQ Magazine.

“I miss him like everyone misses him ... he was not short of charisma, that’s for sure. Let’s just say I was 21 and my eyes were open to the world. You want to experience everything and I couldn’t think of a better person to, you know, take those first steps into the big wide world with. “I remember thinking that at the time, that of course, his was the first funeral and the first kind of thing like that, because Michael was so many first in my life ... he was. Yes he was.”

Source: Metro