We've all heard similar stories: a musical legend hops on the mic at a random karaoke to perform their own hits and the tale goes down in history. However, some stars decide to take that magic into their own hands and engineer an "impromptu" performance that quickly gets tweeted and blogged about across the world.

Kylie Minogue
Kylie Brought Some Cheer To Shoreditch With A Secret Karaoke Performance.

Kylie Minogue appeared in the diddy London pub, The Old Blue Last, in Shoreditch last night for a bit of speedy publicity and a clever plug of her new album, Kiss Me Once. Due to the security detail, fans at the Kylie karaoke evening still weren't allowed near the star whilst she performed her three songs onstage so it wasn't exactly a front room party.

We're framing this in a cynical way but truth be told, Kylie is still pretty fantastic. She sported a spangly flapper dress with her new blonde bob and was accompanied by barely-dressed backing dancers. After leaving the Shoreditch pub via the fire exit, she took time to pose with fans for photographs and signed autographs in the chilly, drizzly night air.

Watch Kylie Minogue's Surprise Performance At The Old Blue Last:

The surprise appearance follows an acoustic set that took place at Spotify's London office where she dressed down and played stripped back versions of her new songs and classic hits. Chatting at the event, she revealed that the extremely sexually-charged direction of Kiss Me Once is due to the influence of collaborating singer-songwriter and executive producer, Sia Furler.

"There was a certain point on the album where we had countless songs, and she said "we need some sex on there.. we need a hot song". Next thing I know there's Sexy Love, Sexercize and Les Sex!" Kylie explained, via The Daily Mail. When it comes to the 45 year-old's own love life, she was keeping pretty quiet. Kylie will be performing at a Valentine's Day event in Paris tonight but apparently won't have a date of her own.

Kylie Minogue Dolce Gabbana
This All Goes To Show, Kylie Has Still Got It.

"I don't have a date for Valentine's Day," she admitted. "I'll be working, with people I love. But you know, what's really exciting is when you don't know what's going to happen."

'Into The Blue' is out in the UK on March 9 and Kiss Me Once will follow on March 17.