Kylie Minogue's family ''adore'' her boyfriend Andres Velencoso.

The 44-year-old singer - who has been dating the model since 2008 - is very settled with the 34-year-old hunk and admits her close friends and family share her enthusiasm towards the Spaniard.

She said: ''He's just a great guy. Across the board, all my friends and family adore him.''

While the 'Spinning Around' hitmaker is now happy and content with her life with Andres and her style, Kylie admits she tried ''everything'' to try to impress people with her fashion choices during her younger years.

She added to HELLO! magazine: ''I guess I tried out everything. I was game, eager to please and wanted the best end result.''

Although she is committed to Andres, Kylie - who split from French actor Olivier Martinez in 2007 after five years together - says she will never get married because she doesn't want to feel ''strangled'' in her relationship, preferring to have ''freedom''.

She explained: ''Being pigeon-holed or labelled this and that is something I've always felt strangled by. So I'm committed in my relationship, absolutely, and that's not to say I will never get married but I need to know I can step outside this room.

''I won't, but I do need to know that mentally I have space and freedom. Others would want to know they had those strong foundations but I'm just a different make-up I guess.''