In an interview with the Daily Mail's Weekend magazine, The Voice judge Kylie Minogue has admitted that she may never have kids. With a new album – her 12 studio release – and a TV career to think about, having kids will just happens if it happens.

Kylie MinogueWhat happens, happens for Kylie

"I don't know how many more times I can say, if it happens, it happens. But I think maybe part of this frame of mind I'm in, trying to be calm and accepting and at peace with where I am, is really acknowledging that it just might not be written on the pages for me,” she explained. "You can't have everything, so I'd rather just focus on what I have instead of what I don't have."

It’s been all change for Kylie recently. The diminutive pop star split from her Spanish boyfriend, Andres Velencoso and changed her management team. The first single of her new album, Into The Blue, is indicative of how she feels right now. "I didn't write the lyrics but amazingly they just fit my life at the moment. I was still in a relationship when I recorded it, so it must be destiny because the song's coming to life more with my current frame of mind,” she explained.

At 45, and showing no signs of relenting, Kylie’s success comes down to constant reinvention and staying ahead of the curve. 'I've always been very curious,” she says. “I find it weird explaining when people say you've changed your look or you've changed this or that because to me it's totally normal. Maybe if you're Bob Dylan you'll wear the same thing for 20 years. But I like fashion and I like the current wave of music. I like being involved in and being part of pop. I think if you're into pop, you're interested in change.”