Kylie Minogue is ''supportive of everything'' her boyfriend does.

The 'All the Lovers' singer's partner Andres Velencoso is branching out from modelling and into acting and feels grateful to have his girlfriend of five years on his side.

The Spanish hunk said: ''She's a pro. We support each other. That's just one of the things you do when someone's part of our life. You're supporting of everything.''

Andres, 34, knows his modelling career won't last forever, which is why he's keen to make the transition into acting, beginning with a role in Spanish-language thriller 'Fin'.

He added in an interview with Britain's HELLO! magazine: ''Little by little, I'd like to switch from model and actor. I mean, if I'm 50 and they're still asking me to do modelling campaigns, why not? But I cannot model until 70.''

Andres and Kylie saw in 2013 in her native Australia and the hunky model says the experience was ''amazing'' - even if he wasn't feeling his best afterwards.

He said: ''It was amazing. Those fireworks at Sydney Harbour - every year, you see them on the TV at lunchtime in Spain. It's like, 'Wow, it's New Year in Australia already'. So to be there, finally? It was cool. I was a little bit hungover the next day though.''