Kylie Minogue isn't happy ''all the time''.

The 44-year-old singer accepts she is blessed to have such an incredible career but admits she can become frustrated and she was pleased to return to acting in forthcoming movie 'Holy Motors' because it allowed her to explore other sides of her personality.

She said: ''No one's shiny and happy all the time. There are other sides of me that an experience like this has allowed me to explore.

''My persona is 'Kylie'. As soon as I step out of my house I have that projection of me. But that isn't necessarily who I am. What face do I show?''

In 2005, Kylie was diagnosed with breast cancer and battling the disease left her so ill, she couldn't even concentrate on watching a movie.

She admitted: ''Lots of friends sent me DVDs and I just said, 'I can't concentrate for a whole film.' A trip to the shop for a drink was a massive excursion.''

The 'Spinning Around' hitmaker's drive to beat the illness and get well again stemmed from her desire to return to the stage.

She told Total Film magazine: ''Possibly because I was diagnosed mid-tour, that was my goal, to get back and perform. I just realised that no, this is what I do, and I want to do it better than before.''