Kylie Minogue is set to star opposite Peter Serafinowicz in a new comedy about Andy Warhol called Hey Diddly Dee. It’s the directorial debut of Mark Warren, star of Hustle and Mad Dogs, and he spoke to the Telegraph about what pushed him towards wanting to make his directing bow.

“I wanted to do something on acting because it’s what I know” he explained to the paper. “My theory about actors is there’s only two things they’re really concerned about: wi-fi and coffee. And if they’ve got that sorted out, everything’s going to be fine. I would have found it harder doing something heavy, I think I would have felt more at risk,” he added.

The half-hour comedy drama airs on Sky Arts Playhouse and follows the trials and tribulations of a cast and crew performing a musical about the life of the artist Andy Warhol. Matt Horne and David Harewood also star. Continuing, he said that the idea of the program came to him when he was filming Mad Dogs. “I was in the shower and I started to think about Warhol’s 15 minutes of fame, what they would be like.” Continuing, he said “I’d always start to write something and read it the next day and think, oh it’s b******s so it never went any further than that.

Kylie Minogue
Kylie stars in Hey Diddle Dee tonight