The Kylie Jenner SUV present seems to be the talk of the town lately. The youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan isn’t even old enough to drive on her own, but when she does hit the big 1-6, she can take a celebratory ride in the flashiest Sweet 16 present ever. The 15-year-old model and reality star is now cruising in a Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV, worth somewhere in the vicinity of $125,000, according to the Huffington Post. Not your standard beatup Dodge, that’s for sure. And while she still can’t drive it without supervision, Kylie already enjoys pampering her ride. She even took it for a "spa day" recently at Spin Imaging in Long Beach, Calif. – not neglecting to tweet about the occasion, of course.

“... giving the G wagon a spa day! Follow @spinimaging to see her new look,” Kylie tweeted, adding a photo of the car’s “old look” presumably for easy reference.

A few days later, she also remembered to instagram the result, a fact for which her fans are undoubtedly grateful: "Thank you @spinimaging for matting my G!! I can't stop staring at it," she captioned the photo of the updated SUV. So yes, the Jenner sisters do get to go to all the best parties and own ridiculously expensive cars (older sister Kendall got a $90 000 Range Rover for her Sweet 16 in 2011,) but as some conciliation for us regular folk – it must be a nightmare parking that thing in LA.

Kylie Jenner, After Earth Premiere
The 15-year-old model is already the proud owner of an SUV.

Kendall, Kylie Jenner, 2013 Wango Tango
The two sisters can now compare rides or something.