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The Finest Hours Trailer

It's 1952 and a routine shipment is being undertaken by the crew of an oil tanker travelling along the coast of Cape Cod. However, little did they know of a disastrous oncoming storm that would brutally attack New England like never before. As bad luck would have it, the crew on board the vessel find their tanker suddenly ripped in half by the hurricane and they are forced to await the Coast Guard for rescue unable to move from their sinking boat. 30 men are trapped, not knowing whether anyone was coming to rescue them, not knowing whether or not this was their last night on Earth. After all, it would be a suicide mission for any lifeboat to attempt a rescue in these conditions, but that's exactly what happens. A feat of outstanding bravery for this East Coast Guard.

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Just Before I Go Trailer

Ted (Seann William Scott) is done. Since his wife left him, he has decided that there is nothing left to live for, and he is prepared to kill himself. He only has one thing he wishes to do before he ends it all: get back at all the people who have wronged him over the years. Be it an old school teacher who he felt was too hard on him, or a school bully who made his life miserable, Ted intends to give them hell. That is, until he starts to learn just how much people change over time, and how change itself is something worth living for. Now, at the darkest moment in his life, can Ted really change, and learn the truth about life, love and friendship?

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Noble Awards

Kyle Gallner - A host of celebrities were photographed as they arrived for The 3rd Annual Noble Awards which honor humanitarians and their hard work around the world. The awards were held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, United States - Friday 27th February 2015

Kyle Gallner
Kyle Gallner

American Sniper Trailer

What would you do when your own morals come into direct confrontation with your duty to protect your peers? For Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper), a U.S. Navy SEAL working as a sniper in Iraq, the question comes in one of the worst possible ways. An armed patrol, under the watchful eyes of Kyle, is confronted by a woman and a child. When the woman hands the child what looks to be a Russian grenade, Kyle desperately calls for someone else to see and make a confirmation. When no one can, he is faced with the choice of killing the young boy in his tracks, or jeopardising the safety of his colleagues. 

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Dear White People - Teaser Trailer

At the highly regarded college of Winchester University, racial tension is at an all time high. While a group of white students are planning to throw their traditional African-American themed party, many black students are firmly protesting. Meanwhile, the mixed race Samantha White is enjoying popularity as the host of her 'Dear White People' themed radio show, which aims to combat existing stereotypes at the college, but disaster strikes for her when the all-black residential hall faces eradication in order to further diversify students. However, it seems a reality show is keen to document her story - but that means her college peer Coco Conners is looking at rejection for her own pitch. Lionel Higgins joins the newspaper team to help ease some of the tension, but it seems not all black students are clued up on their own cultures.

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Beautiful Creatures Trailer

Lena Duchannes is a Caster whose family has plenty of dark power between them, but rather than feeling empowered, Lena just wishes she can be mortal so she wouldn't have to hide and people wouldn't talk about her all the time. When she moves to the small and somewhat conservative town of Gatlin, South Carolina, she finds herself an outcast but is soon noticed by her school mate Ethan Wate who is enchanted by her and the excitement her arrival brings to this ordinary, unmoving town. However, their relationship is compromised by the fact that Lena only has a matter of days left before she is subjected to the Claiming; a process that will decide whether she will turn to the Light or the Dark side of magic. While her uncle does everything in her power to make sure she is claimed to the Light, the all-powerful Sarafine is convinced that she will have great magical supremacy which would better be served in the Dark. 

'Beautiful Creatures' is the story of just how much love can conquer and, equally, the devastation it brings. It has been adapted to screen by Oscar nominated director and screenwriter Richard LaGravenese ('P.S. I Love You', 'The Mirror Has Two Faces') from the book of the same name by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. The fantasy romance will be released in time for Valentine's Day on February 13th 2013.

Director: Richard LaGravenese

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Smashed Review


Despite taking a full-on approach to the issue of alcoholism, filmmaker Ponsoldt undermines his own case by telling a story about the problem itself rather than the people caught up in it. And by avoiding the bigger questions, he leaves us with characters and a situation that are hard to care about, no matter how harrowing the story gets.

Schoolteacher Kate (Winstead) is a mess. Out drinking every night with her husband Charlie (Paul), she turns up drunk to teach her classroom of 6-year-olds. One morning when she's sick, she lets them believe she's pregnant. But lying to the kids sparks her guilt, which gets worse when a colleague (Offerman) covers for her and her boss (Mullally) throws a baby shower. So she joins AA and gets help from her sponsor Jenny (Spencer) to straighten out her life. But once she's sober she wonders whether she can stay with the still-drunk Charlie.

Essentially the film lets all of the characters off the hook since it's the alcohol that's the real villain, not any failing of willpower or self-discipline. In this world, it's not possible to be "the kind of people who have a glass of wine with dinner": you're either a falling-down drunk or a pious teetotaller. And even worst, both Kate and Charlie have tragic back-stories that explain why they are alcoholics. So the film's approach is purely superficial, which makes it impossible to identify with the characters or even root for them to sort out their messy lives.

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Smashed Trailer

Kate and Charlie Hannah's marriage came about through their shared love of partying and getting drunk. All is well in their relationship as long as they are drinking together. However, when Kate's excessive partying pushes her into the dangerous territory of hard drugs threatening her teaching career when she continuously lies to her boss, she decides that it's time to deal with her problem and quit the booze for good. While Charlie vows to help her, he finds going sober less easy and Kate beings to question whether their relationship is built on love or whether their vision of each other has been blurred by alcohol over the past years. Quitting drinking also forces Kate to confront her conduct at work and her difficult relationship with her mother.

'Smashed' is a comedy drama with more drama than comedy. While the antics of Kate and Charlie may be funny at first sight, it is clear as the story goes on that this a story about burying your darkest problems. It has been directed by James Ponsoldt ('Off the Black') who also co-wrote the movie with actress Susan Burke in her screenplay debut. 'Smashed' is scheduled for release this year on December 14th 2012.

Starring: Aaron Paul, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Octavia Spencer, Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally, Mary Kay Place, Kyle Gallner, Bree Turner & Richmond Arquette.

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Little Birds Trailer

Lily is a 15-year-old girl who has been raised in the miserable land of trailer parks that is Salton Sea, California by a mother who is constantly in the bar drinking. She and her best friend Alison have never left their hometown but angst-ridden Lily constantly dreams of been whisked away to the big city by a handsome stranger. Alison feels differently, content with remaining at home with her caring father, though watching her friend suffocate under the strains of their simple life concerns her greatly. One day, a group of boys with questionable intentions from Los Angeles show up in the town, immediately grabbing Lily's attention. Falling deeply for one of the boys, she convinces Alison to steal a truck from a neighbour and follow them back to the city where it soon becomes obvious that their lives are much more brutal and dangerous than they could ever have imagined. Alison was unhappy about leaving from the off, but is too nervous to try and further convince Lily that they should leave. Their bond, and their lives, are put to the test when the boys use the girls as bait in a ruthless mugging scheme.

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Red State Review

Smith departs from his usual sunny-silly style for this grim, unsettling thriller, which explores the terror of intolerance and the dangers of political power. Intriguingly, the film also continues his exploration of religion (see Dogma).

Three high school students (Angarano, Gallner and Braun) use a phone app to find a 38-year-old woman (Leo) who wants to have group sex. But she's just bait. Before they know what happened, they're caged in an isolated church, where the activist pastor (Parks) explains why he's decided to take violent action against immoral society, which he blames on homosexuality. But the situation devolves into a Waco-style armed stand-off between the militant church and an ATF agent (Goodman) and his team.

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Red State Trailer

Teenagers Travis, Billy-Ray and Jarod are best friends who live in a small town in Middle America. One night, they trawl the internet for casual hook-ups outside town and get talking to a 38 year old woman, Sara, who propositions them with no strings attached group sex. The three friends agree and travel to Cooper's Dell, where Sara lives, all the while discussing what they'd like to do with her.

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Beautiful Boy Trailer

In recent times Kate and Bill's marriage has been a little fragile. Both are committed to their jobs and their 18 year old son, Sam, is spending less and less time in the family home; the Carroll's aren't the family they once were. When Bill and Kate wake up one morning to hear on the news that someone at their son's college has gone on a shooting rampage, they fear for the safety of their son. With the campus on lock down, the only thing they can do is try and call Sam and check everything is OK, as they wait for confirmation of their sons safety, they are greeted by a knock at the door. Not only was Sam killed, he was the one who took the lives of seventeen people.

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Cougar Inc World Premiere Held At The Egyptian Theatre - Arrivals

Kathryn Morris and Kyle Gallner - Kathryn Morris, K. Asher Levin and Kyle Gallner Los Angeles, California - Cougar Inc world premiere held at The Egyptian Theatre - Arrivals Thursday 31st March 2011

Kathryn Morris and Kyle Gallner
Kathryn Morris and Kyle Gallner

Cougar Inc World Premiere Held At The Egyptian Theatre - Arrivals

Kyle Gallner Thursday 31st March 2011 Cougar Inc world premiere held at The Egyptian Theatre - Arrivals Los Angeles, California

Kyle Gallner
Kyle Gallner
Kyle Gallner

Cougar Inc World Premiere Held At The Egyptian Theatre - Arrivals

Kyle Gallner and Ryan Pinkston - Christian Murphy, Kyle Gallner, Ryan Pinkston and Cary Alexander Los Angeles, California - Cougar Inc world premiere held at The Egyptian Theatre - Arrivals Thursday 31st March 2011

Kyle Gallner and Ryan Pinkston
Kyle Gallner and Ryan Pinkston
Kyle Gallner

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