Former child star Kyla Pratt has become a mother for a second time after secretly giving birth to a baby girl last summer (13).

The Dr. Dolittle actress kept her first pregnancy with daughter Lyric under wraps in 2010, and she decided to keep her latest family addition, with longtime boyfriend Danny 'KP' Kilpatrick, to herself once again.

Her representative, Ernest Dukes, confirms to, "Kyla gave birth to a healthy baby girl in August 2013 and is currently enjoying motherhood for the second time around."

But Pratt insists she wasn't trying to hide anything from fans - she simply wasn't ready to make something so private public, especially in the age of social media.

The 27 year old tells, "Me personally, I just feel that (being pregnant) is something personal that I wanted to experience and enjoy myself.

"Especially with social media nowadays, people are easily able to reach you and easily able to say what they want to you without consequences, and, when you're pregnant, you're hormonal and got a lot of things going on.

"My fear was somebody saying something and it really affecting me, when it doesn't really matter. I loved my pregnancy, every moment. I wasn't hiding, sitting in the house with my shades drawn... I just have people around me that respect me and understand where I was coming from."