NIRVANA star Kurt Cobain lived many lives as a "tortured and depressed" soul after murdering people in the 16th century, according to top psychic Victoria Bullis. In her Beyond The Grave column in US men's magazine Stuff, the medium recounts a recent encounter with the tragic COME AS YOU ARE star's spirit - and assures fans he has "resolved his issues" after links to a terrible past. Bullis explains, "He's a tortured soul from many centuries ago. I'm seeing a lifetime in Europe around the 16th century where he herded a bunch of people into the dungeon underneath a castle and let them all suffocate. "Ever since then, he's never had a life where he wasn't feeling tortured and depressed." In her eerie encounter, Bullis also reveals that Cobain's daughter, FRANCES BEAN, was a relative of one of the people suffocated: "He has a lot of guilt about her." Meanwhile, the rock star's spirit, which also inhabited the body of a provocative early 20th century female trendsetter, plans to return to earth - as a great classical pianist. She adds, "He plans to be back in 15 years, and he'll be a child prodigy."