Journalist Richard Lee, a Kurt Cobain death conspiracy theorist, has opened a lawsuit against the Seattle police. Lee alleges recently published photographs taken at the scene of Cobain's death should have been made public before now.

The anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death has prompted a investigation into the case.

Lee believes Cobain was murdered although the general belief is that he committed suicide. There were numerous incidents throughout 1994 which suggested he was suicidal and he was hospitalised on more than one occasion. Lee's foundation for his belief in Cobain's murder rests on the Nirvana frontman's use of a shotgun and the three days between his death and the discovery of the body. 

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Cobain died on April 5th 1994 in Seattle, making Saturday the 20th anniversary of his death. Owing to a re-investigation into Cobain's death, a week before the anniversary new images of his death scene were released which police only recently discovered. Four rolls of undeveloped crime scene images were discovered by a Seattle detective. However, a police official speaking to SeattlePI stated they contained "nothing Earth shattering," thus the case would not be reopened. 

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Lee claims the police have blocked his investigation on more than one occasion and the law suit states "Lee has dealt with these SPD units many times in the past, and says that they are characteristically uncooperative, dilatory, and non-compliant with his requests for records and information." Lee's court case is evidently intended to ensure he has access to all the police files relating to Cobain's death. If the suit proves successful the police could be charged between $5 and $100 a day for each file which remains undisclosed. 

Numerous musicians and critics have praised Cobain on the twentieth anniversary of his death. His wife Courtney Love alluded to the anniversary on Twitter, writing "This is the day of the year I dread. God bless rest in peace my love."