Mexican actor Kuno Becker almost missed out starring in soccer movie trilogy GOAL because he could hardly kick a ball at his audition. Becker, who plays footballer SANTIAGO MUNEZ in the Danny Cannon films, reveals the director gave him a red card and sent him home after he failed to deliver on the soccer pitch. But Becker persevered because he'd worked so hard on his skills in the weeks leading up to the audition in England. He explains, "I trained so hard that I had stress fractures in my ankles. So the day of the audition, I was icing my feet every two hours. Forget about playing soccer, I couldn't walk. "Danny Cannon told me to do a couple of things with the ball and I couldn't do them. He told me to go back and catch my flight to Los Angeles, and thanks for coming. "I said to myself, 'I'm already here. I broke my freakin' ankles, so he at least has to see what I've learned.' "I went back and told one of the producers, 'Tell Danny Cannon to try to get the ball from me, on the field.' Danny tried five times and could only do it once. "When I was in the parking lot, the producer came to me and said, 'You know what? You got the role.'" But that wasn't the end of injury-prone Becker's pain: "During filming somebody hit me and accidentally broke my nose and then when we shot the sequel, somebody broke it again." The trilogy's second installment GOAL 2: LIVING THE DREAM is released this autumn (06).