Review of Destroy the Weapon Album by Kunk

Kunk call to mind the British post-hardcore movement that passed a few years ago with bands like Hell is for Heroes, Hundred Reasons and especially Reuben. As an album, Destroy the Weapon is perfectly enjoyable, but it seems like well-trodden ground, with nothing all that new to offer.

Kunk Destroy the Weapon Album

After a brief and melodic introduction comes 2 vs 1, a fiery punk-pop blast, somewhere between Biffy Clyro, Feeder and Foo Fighters. There are clattering drums, and distorted guitars with an impassioned vocal delivery. It is a good listen, but just about every song follows a very similar structure, and everything is on very much the same level. One song blends into another until it's difficult to distinguish between songs. As such, it becomes difficult to pick highlights.

Destroy the Weapon does remind you of some great bands as previously mentioned. Sadly, Krunk lack the diversity and variety that sets those other bands apart from everyone else and makes them individual.

Ben Walton

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