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Kubichek Stutter Single

Kubichek! may well be the most exciting live band in the country at the minute, which could be as much of a hindrance as an honour, depending on which way you want to look at it.

You see, in the past, how many great live bands have struggled to transcend the urgency of their stage show into the studio? Without naming names, I'm sure you'll agree there are several worthy candidates to choose from.

But that's where Kubichek! differ, in that the songs were already well honed before any audience got to hear them, so when 'Stutter' reaches its triumphant exit on the statement 'This town is empty - for the last time!' you would be hard pressed not to believe it.

In a similar way to fellow north-east troubadours Dartz, Kubichek! can do rock and dancefloor specialities in equal measures, preferably during the same song and always without a hint of irony or self-gratitude.

In fact, the only downside with this record is the fact it has come out as a single before, but unless you're one of those vinyl obsessives caricatured in the likes of 'High Fidelity' chances are won't have got this first time round, so now's your chance, eh.?

Dom Gourlay

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