Review of Outwards Single by Kubichek

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Kubichek Outwards Single

It is no surprise that Kubichek! Have finally been picked up, although I say finally. This band have only been going since 2004, and are now releasing a new Single (not debut, but new). 30:30 records is the record label that have decided to put their money where their mouth is and invest on this four-piece from the North East of England.

As long as Kubichek! Keep on blasting out tracks such as Outwards, then as far as 30:30 will be concerned it will most definitely be money well spent. The one thing that Outwards will do will have you singing at the top of your voice along with the chorus. It just has that hook that wherever you are you can't help but sing a long and tap your foot to. Guitars twist and turn and catchy lyrics that are just in your head that once implanted cannot be removed and without a doubt once you have heard one Kubichek! Song, you will try to download every bit of new material that they release. Never fear however because the debut album will be out in March.

Mark Moore

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