Review of Method Acting Single by Kubichek

Method Acting
Single Review

Kubichek Method Acting Single

Kubichek! Seem to have no intention of slowing things down as they are set for yet another UK tour with support coming from another up and coming band Battle.
The band are releasing Single Number four from their debut album Not Enough Night to coincide with the tour.

Method Acting in itself is a somewhat contradicting song. In one sequence this is a typical Kubichek! track with the spiralling guitar riffs and catchy hooks. On the flip side however, this is a lot more chilled out for Kubichek! You could say a bit slower to what you are used to from this quartet from the North East. Lyrically this is dark and angry at times but still catches you in the same way as their previous tracks.

Method Acting is a quality Album track, but Single standard, hmm not quite sure on that. Maybe it is just pure disappointment that Hometown Strategies wasn't a Single and that has clouded the judgment? Who know? Still not a bad track all the same.

Mark Moore

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