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Alter Egos - Trailer Trailer

Fridge is a superhero with powers that are pretty self-explanatory, but he's not the only one. The country is pretty much overrun with crime-fighting caped crusaders; so much so that their government funding has been cut and people are less in support of them - the police even less so. With this huge problem hanging over the heads of Fridge and his best friend C-Thru, they are presented with the mission to earn superheroes respect once again. However, things take a difficult turn in Fridge's life when he discovers that his girlfriend seems to prefer his super alter ego over Brendan, his everyday geeky self, and he decides to break up with her via email. Things get even more complicated when he comes face to face with his arch enemy, Shrink, who killed his parents many years ago.

This hilarious flick gives a new meaning to 'comic' superheroes. It's a wonderful comedy take on the world of heroes and villains that has for so long grasped cinematic and comic book audiences internationally. With deliberately terribly named characters, 'Alter Egos' has been directed and written by the genius that is comic book fan Jordan Galland ('Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead'). It first opened at the Fantasia Film Festival in July and is set for release nationwide on November 20th 2012.

Starring: Kris Lemche, Joey Kern, Brooke Nevin, Danny Masterson, Christine Evangelista, John Ventimiglia, Sean Lennon, Marina Squerciati & Geneva Carr

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State's Evidence Review

With a title like State's Evidence, and knowing nothing about the movie, I assumed it could be one of two things: Run-of-the-mill gangster flick, possibly with an informer being protected from mobsters looking to kill him, or urban drama/thriller, probably starring a collection of rappers and plenty of gunplay.

I'm pleased to report that neither was the case... I'm not sure I could bear to watch another one of either of those kinds of films. What State's Evidence is, rather, is an entry into the burgeoning teen violence genre, taking the form of, primarily, a home video confession of a high school student who's determined to commit suicide the next day. In chronicling his last day on earth, word gets out what Scott (Douglas Smith) is going to do, and he soon becomes a minor celebrity in school, as everyone wants to be a part of his last day on earth. But a few of his friends throw a wrench into things by deciding to join in, and a suicide pact is formed. As expected, this takes an even darker tone as the kids realize that, with no consequences facing them, morality may as well go out the window.

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Final Destination 3 Review

Just from the marketing you can tell Final Destination 3 is scraping the bottom of the film franchise barrel. With a tagline like "This ride will be the death of you" you can almost hear the cheesy jokes coming. And with a poster that looks it's shilling for Cedar Point, you get a glimpse of the misguided campiness of the movie.

With Final Destination 3, first impressions are good impressions.

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Ginger Snaps Review

In the Canadian coming-of-age teen horror film Ginger Snaps, we get a rousing account of what it's like when a girl literally cries wolf. Director John Fawcett helms this cleverly ghoulish werewolf suspense piece into a bouncy, writhing examination of a complex young girl's sudden awakening. Fawcett manages to present a refreshing macabre scenario that mixes emerging youth-oriented sexuality within the confines of a spry scarefest.

The film is very reminiscent of Carrie, where its protagonist has to deal with the uncontrollable changes of her body and soul as a cruel and unforgiving world bears witness to the unexplainable metamorphosis taking place. Fawcett's flick is also a snappy combination of An American Werewolf in London and Clueless. Intelligent and keenly wry, Ginger Snaps is a vibrant showcase that puts a bite into the imagination of its spellbound audience.

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