Kristin Chenoweth's accident on the set of U.S. legal drama The Good Wife not only left the actress with a fractured skull - she also cracked three teeth.

The pint-sized star was hospitalised with a concussion in July (12) after a lighting rig fell and struck her in the face, leaving her with neck, rib and hip problems.

Chenoweth's mother Junie, who is a two-time cancer survivor, flew to New York City to help look after her daughter while she recovered from her injuries and the 44 year old reveals she will forever be grateful for her parent's support and words of wisdom.

Speaking to fans during a breast cancer survivor luncheon on Monday (15Oct12), she said, "When the accident happened to me on July 11th, my mum had to fly in. I was in trouble and I needed help. I said, 'Why me, why me, why me, why me?' and she said, 'Why not you? You're human like everyone else. Things happen. You're no special or worse than everyone else.'"

And while the actress admits she is now doing much better, she recently learned she will have to undergo dental surgery to fix the three teeth that were chipped in the accident.

She added, "I'm getting along so good, but for example, about three weeks ago I found out I have three cracked teeth from the accident. It's an ongoing recovery and it's not going to be fast."