Kristin Chenoweth 's accident on the set of the CBS drama The Good Wife yesterday (July 11, 2012) left witnesses fearing that she may be dead. Tmz reported on the accident and spoke to one such witness, who told them what had happened and revealed that they feared the worst when they witnessed the dramatic accident.
"That area is a vortex for wind ... and a big gust of wind blew the lighting off the scaffolding," the witness explained. Kristin was apparently hit "square in the head" and the witness explains "I thought she was dead at first." A crew worker called the ambulance at around 5:07pm Eastern Time. When the paramedics arrived at the set in Brooklyn, New York, they fitted the actress with a neck brace and placed her on a stretcher before rushing her to a nearby hospital. A representative from New York's Fire Department told Tmz that Kristin is being treated for "minor injuries" in relation to the incident.
This isn't the first time that Chenoweth has found herself in a local ER department as a result of her work. Her string of bad luck seems to have started in 2003, when she injured her neck on the set of the musical 'Wicked.' Three years later, she fell from an elevated area of the stage during a Broadway revival of 'The Apple Tree.' Then, last year, she fell down a flight of concrete stairs whilst she was filming for Glee and injured her back. Here's hoping she gets through the rest of the filming without any further incidents!