Kristin Cavallari blames TV producers for her reputation as a mean girl.

The former 'Laguna Beach' star claims she was only playing a nasty character on the reality show but people are still surprised when they discover she is nice in real life.

The 25-year-old designer told the Chicago Sun-Times' Splash magazine: ''The producers were really crappy to me. I felt like everybody was against me and manipulating me, and that forced me to be a bitch. I was known as the bad girl. And once you have that image, it's so hard to change it.

''They did everything short of handing us a script. I had two lives: my 'Hills' life and my real life.''

Kristin revealed that eventually she decided to have fun with her onscreen persona when she joined the cast of 'The Hills'.

She said: ''l embraced it, and played a caricature of myself. People are always surprised by how nice I am in real life.''

Kristin recently revealed she is planning a quiet Valentine's Day (14.02.13) at home with her fiance Jay Cutler and their six-month-old baby Camden.

She said: ''We could have gone away somewhere, but it just doesn't seem that appealing. Like it's more appealing to just be at home, with the baby. And then he goes to bed between six and seven every night, so then we can still have our night and I'll cook dinner.

''We'll still have time for us, And then we'll be able to get in bed at 10 o'clock and still have a good night's sleep and call it a day! We're so boring!''