Will Ferrell has branded Kristen Stewart a 'Trampire' on a recent appearance on the Conan Obrien show. In a hilarious skit, Ferrell pretended (we assume) to be devastated about the news of Kristen's recent infidelity and chose the nickname in reference to her appearance in the Twilight films, which feature a family of vampires. During the show, Ferrell appeared to be tearful over the news of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's relationship problems.
"There's this actress, Kristen Stewart. She had a boyfriend, R-Patz, and she cheated on him," said Ferrell. "And they've broken up. They're not going to get back together ever. What they had was special, Conan, you don't even know what they have. They were in love and she just threw it all away." His anguish appeared to continue as her started to question whether or not there was anything that could personally have done to prevent the drama. "I don't know if there was anything I could have done to prevent it. I don't know what this means for the Twilight franchise," he sobbed. As Conan tried to appease Ferrell during the brief chat, Will shouted at him "It's not going to be okay, ever! It's never going to be fine!" He ended the split by screaming "she's a Trampire!"
Ferrell may have been able to poke fun and Kristen and Robert's situation but for some Twilight fans, it's no joking matter. One YouTube user, who goes by the username nuttymadam3575 posted what appeared to be a genuinely tearful - some may say hysterical - video response to the news of the affair. Scary stuff, indeed.