The teaser trailer for Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 2 hit the web this week, temporarily taking attention off The Hunger Games, which took $155 million at the box office - representing the third biggest opening ever. The new trailer is a reminder to Twilight fans that they've got one last journey to go on with characters Edward and Bella before the curtain comes down on the huge grossing franchise.
Picking up from Breaking Dawn Part 1 - where Bella Swan was turned into a vampire by her new husband Edward - the new trailer sees Kristen Stewart's character embracing the new look, complete with piercing red eyes and a thirst for blood. In one scene, Bella is seen quietly lurking in the woods, eyeing up some hapless wild deer. The trailer appears to suggest Swan has quickly come to turns with her new life, and a close up shot of her wedding ring confirms that her marriage to Edward is still very much going strong. Over the slick edited footage, Bella narrates, "After 18-years of being utterly ordinary I finally found that I could shine", with Edward telling her, "So beautiful. We're the same temperature now".
The fourth and final instalment of the Twilight franchise sees the newly married Cullens team up with their fellow vampires to protect their baby Renesmee from the Volturi. It hits cinemas on November 16, 2012.