The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 wasn't only the longest film title vying for hard earned dollars this weekend, it was also the biggest, as it claimed the top spot on Thanksgiving weekend. Here's our American Box Office roundup. 

Outpacing 007 by $7m, Twilight earned $43,070,000 following the traditional pre-Thanksgiving weekend Wednesday release to bring its total to an impressive $227m. Daniel Craig as Bond in Skyfall brought some British style to proceedings, but was ultimately out-jousted, coming in second with $36m. Steven Spielberg's epic political drama Lincoln, with Daniel Day Lewis starring as the titular character, couldn't touch the top two, managing $25,020,000 and placing it third. The top three was a hotly contested spot, with Dreamworks Studios' Rise of The Guardians gleaning $24,025,000 and placing 4th. Ang Lee's Life of Pi struggled with the big-name competition, completing the top 5 in its opening weekend with $22m. The movie, adapted from the famous novel, is receiving a round of very positive critical responses, and will be battling for Oscar recognition come 2013.

The video game animation, Wreck It Ralph represents a stark drop in revenue in 6th place, with $16,760,000, although its overall performance has been good, with $149.5M in its 4th week of release. Red Dawn opened to $14,600,000 while Flight, starring Denzel Washington as a pilot battling alcohol issues chugs along with $8,600,000 and $74.9M overall; an average return for a film in its 4th week. Silver Linings Playbook and Argo round off the top 10 with $4,623,000 and $3,875,000 respectively. Figures according to Yahoo Movies.