Few movies feel complete without a baddy that you can lavish hate upon, whose own driving negative force encourages the hero to become the hero. Likewise, great movies couldn't be truly great if there weren't the equally bad ones to put it all into perspective. And that's what the Razzies celebrates: the absolute worst in cinema. While 2012 brought us some of the best films in a long time, it was also ripe for the pickings for terrible, terrible cinematic experiences as well.

The final offering from The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Part 2 swept up many Golden Raspberries and should feel proud that they did so, as they're certainly not going to be winning anything at tonight's Oscars. Star, Kristen Stewart, who appears as wooden in interviews as she does playing any character, left with Best Actress for both Twilight and Snow White and the Huntsmen. Taylor Lautner got best supporting actor, Bill Condon worst director and worst screen couple went to Lautner and Mackenzie Foy. That last one should be shared with the write of the books, Stephanie Meyer, as the relationship was tantamount to paedophilia. The film as a whole also scored worst screen ensemble and worst remake, rip-off or sequel. 

Kristen Stewart at LA premiere of the final Twilight movie

Razzies founder John Wilson told the Mirror about why he thinks it ended up doing so well financially: "[T]he box office on Twilight films is very impressive, but my theory is that instead of 40 million individual girls going to see it, it's eight million girls going to see it five times each. People who love those movies just adore them." Sounds about right. 

Elsewhere Rihanna won worst supporting actress for Battleship and Adam Sandler won worst actor for That's My BoyRihanna has no reason to worry though as she just launched her first fashion line for River Island at London Fashion Week and is in V mag with Kate Moss.

Rihanna and Kate Moss in V magazine

Rihanna and Kate Moss in V Magazine