As MTV have pointed out, it's been a busy year for young Kristen Stewart, what with Snow White and the Huntsman, the film adaptation of Jack Kerouac novel On The Road and the final part of the Twilight franchise (and you know all that affair stuff, which is either going to completely destroy her or has been marketed amazingly well to make her and R-Patz bigger than ever).

So anyway, busy. But what could be next for K-Stew? "I don't know yet," was her answer to Mtv. Why's that? Because no-one will touch you with a bargepole at the moment until the scandal over your affair with director Rupert Sanders dies down? "I know it's weird to skirt subjects" she said, skirting the subject. "But I think it's been said on the Internet that I'm doing Lie Down in Darkness; it's not happening yet. I don't know when they're [going to officially green-light the film]. I love that thing, I would do anything to get that to go, but it's just not yet. Hopefully it does, but other than that, nothing."

Continuing her complete non-answer, she added "It's been a little while since I haven't had stuff mapped out, so it's nice. I'm in a good place to choose." She's in a good place to choose who she dates too, now that she's single. Not that stopped her when she wasn't.