Twilight star Kristen Stewart looks to leave her good girl image behind her for good, as her follow-up film after the end of the franchise has been announced as 'gritty' action flick Cali.

Following on in the footsteps of Emma Watson, who will leave her Hermione image behind, as she takes on the role of Nicki in the upcoming Bling Ring, Stewart looks to drop the good-girl-turn-good-vampire character as she takes on the role of a girl with a penchant for bad choices and dangerous behaviour, according to Variety.

The film, written by MICHAEL DILIBERTI, follows Mya (Stewart) and Chris, a couple from the San Fernando Valley area of California, who make fake snuff films featuring Mya only to take off with the cash they made leaving behind a legion of angry business partners, homicidal porn stars, stoner vet techs and an unstoppable killing machine in a cowboy hat. The romp eventually follows the pair's return to the region years later to save Mya's younger sister, coping with their own contentious relationship and the same collective of maniacs after them again this time round. The film will be released some time in 2013, no official date has been made yet.