In one of the more bizarre stories to come out of Hollywood this week is the news that an unnamed prince paid $500,000 for a 15-minute chat with Kristen Stewart. The sum was donated to the Hurricane Sandy benefit, which has now raised over $30m.

Harvey Weinstein spilled the beans on the weird story at the Toronto Film Festival, where ‘12.12.12’ – the Hurricane Sandy concert film - is being screened. He revealed how he convinced Stewart to take part. “How much?” Ms. Stewart asked, according to Mr. Weinstein, to which he found out from the prince: $500k. “And Kristen sits with the guy for 15 minutes,” he added. (New York Times)

We’d love to know why this prince chose the Twilight star. She’s not exactly the most exciting of Hollywood stars, sitting there with her glum expression; grumpy in all her riches. Perhaps he was intrigued by her sullen demeanour, and wanted to get to the bottom of it. He’d need more than 15-minutes, though, we’d suggest a lengthy program of Soprano-style therapy.

Anyway, according to Weinstein, the money was delivered in cash, and in advance. Who cares where it comes from if it’s going to a good cause, right? Talking of good causes, Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, Mick Jagger and Bruce Springsteen clubbing together helped the funraiser earn around $30m to help those affected by the hurricane. Although we don’t know if that includes Stewart’s weird money. It probably does.

Kristen StewartKristen Stewart on the first day of shooting of her new film Camp X-Ray