Kristen Stewart says she is sorry for the cheating scandal that rocked the celebrity world this summer, though insists she couldn't care less whether movie fans love or hate her. The actress received a wave of criticism for having an affair with director Rupert Sanders, leaving Robert Pattinson heartbroken.

"It's not a terrible thing if you're either loved or hated," Stewart told Newsweek. "But honestly, I don't care 'cause it doesn't keep me from doing my s-t." Referring specifically to the cheating scandal, the On The Road actress said, "I apologize to everyone for making them so angry. It was not my intention." She admitted that all the scrutiny led her to go into hiding for a short period, saying, "It's a little annoying having to be so compartmentalized. I go from box to box to box. Like right now, this is so crazy 'cause we're out at a restaurant. But I'm going out a lot more now. I was starting to get closed off and self-conscious, and I'm trudging forth into the world more often." Her boyfriend Robert Pattinson undertook an extensive publicity tour for David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis during the cheating scandal, establishing himself as the 'good guy' and unwittingly heaping the pressure on Stewart. 

As for the future, she is glad to have the Twilight franchise behind her, saying, "I start every project to finish the motherf--ker, and to extend that [mentality] over a five-year period adapting all of these treasured moments over four books, it was constantly worrying. But as long as people's perspective of me doesn't keep me from doing what I want to do, it doesn't matter."