Kristen Stewart could well be about to find out the full cost of her affair with 'Snow White and The Huntsman' director Rupert Sanders, after The Hollywood Reporter reported that she been dropped from the follow up to the film adaptation of the famous Grimm's Tale. There hasn't been an explicit mention that what went on between the pair is directly responsible in the change of direction by Universal, but it certainly would've brought intense scrutiny on the production of the movie that perhaps the studios decided they'd rather do without. A source has told the Hollywood Reporter that it's likely Sanders will still be involved with the film.
Stewart's gone though, with her character being written out of the story and the plot instead focusing on the The Huntsman, played by Chris Hemsworth. There is also evidence that the decision to move in that direction has been a relatively recent one, too, with screenwriter David Koepp, who'd been brought on board to write the continuation of the story, having his contract settled instead so that he'll leave.
The whole thing is unusual, stars are rarely dropped between the first and second of franchises, and the plan for this particular one was to have two films with Snow White's involvement and then a solo Huntsman one after. By getting rid of the second step in that plan, you have to believe that recent events have had something to do with the change of viewpoint. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are no longer together, though Sanders is reportedly trying to work things out with wife LIBERTY ROSS.