Actress Kristen Stewart has just added to her Hollywood CV by having a go at directing for a friend’s music video. ‘Take Me To The South’ by Sage and the Saints is an uptempo alt-country sing-a-long that, as the video shows, appears to have put a smile on even Kristen’s face. R-Patz’s ex delivering us a fun summer video, who’d have guessed?

Kristen StewartBudding Scorsese? Kirsten tries her hand at directing

Not that we were holding on to any preconceived notions about the Twilight star, but when we got word Kristen was directing a music video, we had visions of some moody indie kids staring at their shoes while being filmed in black and white. Call us crazy, but something about Kristen’s image just doesn't scream colourful or fun. But watching the video for ‘Take Me To The South’ has let us in on a different side to Stewart, perhaps that break up actually did do her a lot of good.

Despite revealing to Rolling Stone that she wasn't actually into country music, Kristen has done a pretty stellar job at capturing the song’s spirit. The video follows lead singer (and friend of Kristen) Sage Galesi leaving Los Angeles to follow her country dream in Nashville. She’s shown performing on the street, the local honky tonk bars and having a good old sing a long with her friends. Plus she even gets to meet a baby goat.

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The whole tone of the video is lighthearted and fun, which all works perfectly with the song’s sing-a-long feel. Sure some of it looks a little ‘aren’t we so cool’ and ‘check out our pictures on Instagram’ but in essence it’s a simple video which perfectly showcases the song and Galesi’s personality. The video was shot on location in Nashville and Galesi has spoken of how pleased she was with the results. The singer told US Weekly "I knew that I wanted Kristen to direct this video, and part of that is because I knew she would have the perfect vision for it.” Adding that working with Kristen was "one of the best and most rewarding, fun experiences" she's ever had.

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You can judge Kristen’s directorial efforts for yourself here. Hey, we’re not saying it’s groundbreaking but compared to the Twilight movies it’s virtually a masterpiece.

Kristen StewartKristen Stewart has made her directorial debut