Kristen Stewart is ''frustrated'' because she can't bowl.

The 'Snow White and the Huntsman' actress needs to brush up on her ball skills and admits she is particularly annoyed with her inability to master the pastime because she is usually ''good at everything''.

She said: ''I cannot bowl, and it really is very frustrating. I'm awful, and it sucks because I'm really kind of good at everything.''

While the 23-year-old actress is unhappy with her poor bowling skills, they provided amusement to her co-stars in gritty new drama 'Camp X-Ray'.

Ser'Darius Blain said: ''Kristen sucks at bowling. I will say that. I tried to help her. I tried.''

Joseph Julian Soria added: ''She's a crappy bowler. She needs bumpers.''

And LANE GARRISON said: ''She is terrible.''

In 'Camp X-Ray', Kristen portrays an army guard at Guantanamo Bay who befriends a prisoner and she admits she was reluctant to take on the role because she wasn't sure her performance would be believable.

She told MTV News: ''I was so nervous when I first started working and preparing because I didn't think that people would believe me or think that I looked tough in a uniform, that I could do that job, that I could wrangle detainees that are massive and scary.''

While her co-stars were unimpressed with her bowling, it was recently revealed Kristen surprised everyone with her incredible golf skills.

Lane said recently: ''We built a driving range in the prison and I brought like 400 golf balls. We would go out there and hit about 100 golf balls. She has an amazing swing.''