Hold up...is that a smile we see from Kristen Stewart in the new behind-the-scenes video of her Chanel campaign shoot? Well, sort of. She must really like Karl Lagerfeld!  Kristen does look pretty fantastic in the video, it looks like the campaign is going to be visually stunning.  We also loved being able to get a look in at one of the year's most glamorous fashion shoots.

Kristen Stewart Chanel CampaignThe behind-the-scenes video features Kristen Stewart and Karl Lagerfeld

The video was shot in February for Karl Lagerfeld’s Metiers D’Art Paris-Dallas collection, which first debuted back in December. The collection was originally shown in Dallas, Texas on a rodeo-style runway sprinkled with hay. Combining cowboy chic with an air of Spanish bullfighter and a splash of Victoriana, the collection is certainly a step away from Chanel’s norm.

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The official images from the shoot will be released on May 2, but in the meantime we can watch the video on repeat. The clip sees Stewart arriving at the shoot, before having her makeup done. The makeup artists apply heavy eye makeup, while Kristen already has her dark hair styled into cornrows. Karl Lagerfeld then arrives, ready to shoot the campaign, which he opted to personally take charge of. The pair are seen chatting to each other, Kristen seems uncharacteristically animated and bubbly talking to the designer.

The Twilight actress then poses against a Americana style barn setting, as well as a backdrop of a shabby looking American flag with small white Chanel logos on. After striking a variety of stunning poses, the shoot comes to an end and Lagerfeld and Stewart embrace, congratulating themselves on a job well done.

Kristen Stewart Chanel CampaignStewart looks chic but quirky on set of her new Chanel campaign

Kristen Stewart’s Chanel campaign is much edgier and more unusual than we have come to expect from the high fashion house. Stewart released a statement regarding the shoot, explaining, “[the campaign] suits me because it is very American. Everything today was like breathing, it was so easy, Karl knew as soon as he saw what he wanted, it was like ‘done!’ It was effortless and he’s awesome and so sweet.”

Watch Kristen Stewart and Karl Lagerfeld in the behind-the-scenes video of her Chanel shoot

We can’t wait to see the final product. We’d had our doubts about Stewart as a Chanel model in the past, but this campaign proves us wrong. It’s great that the shoot catered to her niche and it seems as though both parties will be very happy with the results.

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