Kristen Stewart has admitted that she felt the pressure when appearing in the film adaptation of cult classic Jack Kerouac novel On The Road. The film finally comes out in the USA on December 21 after months of hype and there are many divided on whether the novel should have ever been transfigured for the silver screen.

ITN reports that Stewart was certainly aware of that school of thinking when making the film, and admitted she too was a big fan of the book originally published in 1957. "Obviously this book is beloved by a lot more people than me and [co-star] Garrett [Hedlund],” she said. “For decades this movie has been trying to find legs and it finally did with us and that is simply mind blowing.”

Directed by Walter Salles, the film also boasts a line-up that includes Sam Riley, Amy Adams, Kirsten Dunst, Viggo Mortensen and Steve Buscemi, so the talent is certainly there to do the film justice. But will it? Stewart certainly thought that the film has done justification to the book, passionately claiming “I would do anything. I would lay in the street for this movie. I've never done a movie that had that much sort of honor about it.” We look forward to seeing Stewart laying on the street - and hopefully more – in a few days.