Kristen Stewart is already bouncing back in career terms, even if her personal life is currently being seen as at an all-time low, with the news that she's been attached to the potential new film 'Lie Down In Darkness'. The news is a fillip to the actress, who must have been wondering whether her recent affair with Rupert Sanders would damage her employability, although admittedly this deal could've been signed well before any of the last week or so happened.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, 'Lie Down In Darkness' is a film adaptation of the author William Styron's first novel of the same name, published in 1951. The story focuses on a dysfunctional family and centres round the funeral of the daughter of two parents who, receiving no love from them because all their attention is on her crippled and debilitated sister, commits suicide. The story has been compared to plots thought up by writing greats such as Charles DICkens and Fyodor Dostoyevsky. With such kudos then, it'll be a big job to translate that to the screen; the script has been written by Scott Cooper, and he's also been attached to direct.
Lamar also divulges on his own past, including his family's violent past on the notorious Compton streets, as well as where he stands now and where he sees himself in the future.
It's important to note that Stewart's commitment doesn't mean that she'll definitely be playing a role in the film, as currently there is no finance in place and no start date to begin production. Should that come though, the omens for her look very good indeed, the original book a complex tale that'll require a strong depth of character.