Kristen Stewart made her return to the red-carpet at the Toronto Film Festival on Thursday evening (September 6, 2012) to promote her latest movie 'On the Road'. It was the first time Stewart had made an official appearance since her affair with director Rupert Sanders was made public.
It seems tensions were high in Toronto, with a studio directive banning anyone from mentioning the infamous affair. It seems one fan didn't get the memo and screamed "Kristen you little b*tch", according to the Toronto Sun. Stewart didn't hear the comment, though it echoed around the red-carpet and heightened the tension. The paparazzi were out in full tilt to capture Stewart, and had snapped her taking off from Lax airport and landing in Toronto (where she was wearing one of Robert Pattinson's t-shirts). However, she appeared to cope well at the premiere and gave long detailed answers about the Jack Kerouac movie adaptation to the waiting media. Dressed in a floral Zuhaur Murad dress, the young actress held her head high, and didn't appear to be distressed in any way. One sly question seemed to get through the net, with Kristen being asked how she was doing. "I'm fine", came an assertive and forthright reply.
Kristen Stewart's Toronto Film Festival appearance has certainly eased the tension ahead of the upcoming Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 2 premieres, though in Los Angeles, New York and London, it's likely that Pattinson will be on the same red-carpet.