Despite rumours that Kristen Stewart had pulled out of her forthcoming movie Cali, Hollywood Life report that the movie is simply being put on hold until Kristen is ready to start working again. Varying reports suggested that the movie had been cancelled and that Amber Heard may have been in the running to replace her. However, an insider said the movie has definitely not been scrapped: "Cali is being put on hold until Kristen feels ready," our insider reassures, adding, "No other actress will replace her as previously reported!"
The trouble started for Kristen when rumours began to surface that she had cheated on her on and off-screen boyfriend Robert Pattinson, with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. Kristen was forced to publicly confirm that the affair had happened and apologized to Pattinson. Their relationship appears to be well and truly over, though and with R-Patz fans baying for her blood, Stewart has been keeping a low profile. As well as speculating on the future of her career, the gossip columnists are currently keeping an ear to the ground for any Twilight related news.
Currently, it looks as though Robert and Kristen will be walking the red carpet together for the premiere of the final Twilight film. According to insiders, Robert wants to spare Kristen's shame and has said that he will accompany her down the red carpet, to stop "female fans booing her." We're wondering how the other stars of Cali (including Alex Pettyfer) feel about having to hang around for Kristen, given the circumstances.