Twilight's Kristen Stewart has won millions of adoring fans throughout the run of the massive film franchise, however actor/director and Hollywood's current golden boy Ben Affleck is perhaps one person that Stewart may not have anticipated being such a big fan. In fact, the Argo director/actor is more than just a fan, telling E! that he thinks Stewart is "terrific" adding that he would love to work with the Twilight actress.

This is great news for Stewart, with the Twilight Saga over at last this means that she doesn't have too much to worry about regarding finding work now, with the pair set to hook up on set sooner rather than later. Affleck is set to star in the upcoming romantic-comedy Focus and as reported in Variety earlier this year, it looks like Stewart is top of the pile of potential co-stars. 

Speaking to E! in regards to her potential role in Focus, Affleck said “I am hesitant to get into casting stuff because I don’t know what’s finished or isn’t, because people come in and out of things all the time. But she’s terrific and hopefully it will work out.”

While this is all great news for K-Stew and Affleck, something tells us that Jennifer Garner, Mrs Affleck, may be a little apprehensive about the two working together, considering Stewart's penchant for the older gentleman.