There will be a sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman, Kristen Stewart herself has said in a recent interview with Indiewire.

Apparently, despite being regrettably overshadowed by Stewart’s affair with Snow White director Rupert Saunders, the film has received enough media attention and box office sails to warrant a sequel. Saunders will not be returning to direct this one, in case you were wondering.

Apparently, Universal are trying to keep mum about the upcoming sequel, but that didn’t keep the actress from revealing that it’s going to be “f***ing amazing”. Once again going for the eloquence above all, we see. Then, in a slight contradiction, Kristen backtracks and says that she is “totally not allowed to talk about it”. While discussing the possible ideas for the flick, Stewart manages to keep the mystery. “And we’ve got a really amazing… [smiles] So, yeah. It’s all good. [laughs]”

Well, there were certainly no spoilers in that one, even if we’d like some. The movie is happening, but it looks like it’s going to be quite a while, before we know anything else. Meanwhile, Stewart’s recently released On The Road, as well as the inescapable Breaking Dawn Part 2, are still making headlines.