Frozen is the latest animated effort from Disney Studios and a movie that has so far proved a huge hit with critics and audiences alike. The wintry tale has all the hallmarks of a box office number one, however there is one thing standing in its way of reaching box office glory: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Can the enchantment of Frozen out-do Catching Fire

The second instalment of the Hunger Games series stormed to success upon its release last week and is still enjoying considerable returns from cinemas across America, and looks as though it could potentially become a record breaker should its impressive returns continue to deliver. According to Box Office Mojo, whilst Frozen is enjoying some promising box office activity, this doesn't look promising enough to oust Catching Fire from the top spot.

How come Catching Fire is being called the 'best film ever'

The Hunger Games is proving to be such a cinematic behemoth that it looks on course to break the record for the highest grossing film of the Thanksgiving 'five day weekend' period, stretching from Wednesday (27 Nov.) until Sunday (1 Dec.). Currently, this record is held by 2001's Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, which recorded $82.4 million in the box office in the same period. According to predictions, Catching Fire looks on course to record an unprecedented $85 million by Sunday.

Catching Fire
A second week of success looks imminent for Catching Fire

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